Bridging the Gap


As video surveillance systems increasingly rely on both IT and physical security components, the need for designing and deploying solutions to use video data more effectively and improving your overall security posture is critical.

Over time, video surveillance systems have become more advanced in order to address increasingly sophisticated threats, offering features and capabilities that have not been available with tape or digital video recorder (DVR) solutions. Additionally, these systems have evolved into Internet Protocol (IP)-based networked solutions, offering other advantages many organizations need.

ICP partners with IBM’s Physical Security and Digital Video Surveillance (DVS) Services to help assessyour security threat and vulnerability posture to develop, deploy, and support an integrated DVS solution that can address your physical security and IT needs.

Why IBM?

As a long standing and successful IBM Business Partner and one of only few, authorized IBM Global Services Subcontractor’s in the United States, ICP is in a unique position to leverage IBM’s extensive networking, infrastructure, and digital media experience, and can offer solutions specifically designed for your industry. Our relationship with IBM affords us access to alliances with leading device vendors to develop an appropriate solution that addresses your need for both hard-wired and wireless site surveillance.

By teaming with IBM and the leading solution vendors and integrating their hardware and software components into our solutions, our proven success and experience can save valuable time and money. Collectively, we have implemented solutions with industry leaders in areas such as Geospatial and Remote Sensing Technologies, security software, and network based IP security leaders. Together, we provide the critical services to help address security requirements.

Our approach can bridge the gap between your physical security, IT, and business goals and provide comprehensive services to help address your security needs.  Our services include:

  • Security threat and vulnerability assessment
  • Network and system design
  • Camera technology and layout
  • Cabling and wireless installation
  • Hardware and software installation
  • Systems Integration
  • Maintenance
  • Project management
  • Training

We can help you realize greater efficiency from your physical security system and better mitigate security risks, while reducing maintenance and labor costs. With our solution, you can focus on the tasks of securing your organization, while we handle the technology.ICP-B1300-2